China National State Forest Farm Development Corporation was established in 1988. The Corporation is the second-class legal entity of China Forestry Group Corporation. The headquarter of the Corporation is located in Beijing and the Legal Representative of China National State Forest Farm Development Corporation is XuePeng.

The Corporation is mainly engaged in cultivation of forest resources and processing and trade of forest products. The Corporation, with its own investment, has established 1.09 million mu (15mu=1hectare) of Eucalyptus plantation bases in Guangdong Province and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It has also successively set up 5 million mu of commercial timber plantation bases through joint venture in 13 provinces (autonomous regions) of the country. The business scope of the Corporation mainly covers products of timber, wood chip, medium density fibreboard (MDF), and food additive including tea polyphenol extracted from raw material of green tea.

With development of over 20 years, China National State Forest Farm Development Corporation has become the integrated forest enterprise engaging in superior seed selection and breeding, silviculture, tree planting, timber harvesting, timber processing and trade of forest products.

In future, we will continuously hold a leading position in establishing fast-growing and high-yielding eucalyptus plantation base in China, and implement the strategy of revitalizing forestry with science and technology. Our vision is to make the Corporation become the one that undertakes social responsibility and keeps a core leading position in cultivating resources of fast-growing and high-yield plantations in China. The Corporation, with management concept of “good faith, harmony, innovation, initiative and sustainable development”, will adhere to the principle of the people-oriented, scientific and harmonious development and speed up its development in order to become the world-class forest enterprise with international competitiveness.

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